Moon Kyu Lee

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Her name is Moon Kyu Lee, she is Korean and has been living in Paris since 2007. She is now living in a picturesque little courtyard flat in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris —near Belleville, a small leap from Canal Saint-Martin— with her painter boyfriend, their English bulldog Django and a pretty black cat named Coco. (meet Django and Coco!)

Born in Seoul, Korea, to parents who are both textile designers. She grew up surrounded by their sketches and felt inspired to work in the creative field all her life. Her wish to paint led her first to Lyon in France, to attend an applied-arts high school, before heading to Paris in 2009 to study visual communication.



Moon fell into modeling quite naturally, given her sharp features. She says, enjoying the creative process unfolding before her.
“It’s quite funny, I can understand the technical language, for example, when they say it’s shooting on 100 fps, I know it’s going to be slow motion,” she says, “Or when there is low light, I should pose more static because if not, the picture’s going to be blurry. I put myself more on the photographer’s side”.


She does love fashion, and unsurprisingly, it too has become a creative pursuit. Inspired by her friends working in the fashion and art area, she can easily speak about the new trends with them and use them in her art. Moon has become a complete artist being a freelance graphic designer, an illustrator, and a model (check out her works!).


What motivates her? Not having a boss behind her; telling her when she has to be there, what she has to do, and that she can deal with her own schedule.